Child Formation Program

About Child Formation Program

The Child Formation Program of Mater Dei is designed to educate and sanctify young Catholics by exposing them to the richness of the Faith and giving them the tools to more fully appreciate and benefit from it.

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Mater Dei 2016 Fall Academic Program

The 2016-2017 Formation Program will be directed by Father Eichman, with the help of each family, in one capacity or another.

"Volunteers" will be parents who have signed up for duties related to the smooth running of the academic program. At registration, each family is asked to volunteer for particular jobs as they are able. At this time, it is not a requirement for participation; however, we will need 4 adult volunteers on duty at all times on class days. Parents may drop off children, stay to volunteer, or remain in designated areas with their other children during class time. Students may not be dropped off any earlier than 10 minutes before class or Mass and must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after class. Please be advised that children will need their own parent’s supervision during Mass, unless arrangements have been made in advance with another family.


Church History

Grades 7–12 (age 12 and up)*

Teacher: Fr. Eichman FSSP

Course Explanation: This is the first semester of a five semester course which will cover the history of the Catholic Church from its beginning into the 20th century.  The students will be given weekly reading, quizzes and a final exam.

Required Text: Church History, by Fr. John Laux, M.A., (additional reading material may be provided)

Book should be purchased before classes commence at your preferred book seller.

*Questions concerning student ability or age for placement in a class should be directed to Father Eichman.

PDF Version: Class Descriptions Fall 2016

Lives of the Saints

Grades 2-6 (age 11 and under)*

Teacher:  Parent Volunteers

Course Explanation:  This course will cover biographies of a variety of saints beginning with those whose statues are displayed throughout St. Lawrence Chapel. Students will discuss each saint’s heroic virtue and become familiar with the times in which each lived.

Required Text: necessary materials will be provided.

*Questions concerning student ability or age for placement in a class should be directed to Father Eichman.