Twenty-Fourth and last Sunday of Pentecost

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Weekly Announcements

November 20, 2016

Coffee and Donuts – There will be Coffee and Donuts today following the 10AM Mass.  Please join us in the social hall in the school basement.

Bishop Gainer—December 3rd Visit – Save the date: Bishop Gainer will be visiting Mater Dei on December 3rd to join us for our 1st Saturday devotions of the 8AM Holy Hour and in offering our 9AM Mass in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Please make attendance a priority to show your appreciation to the Bishop and your support for your community.

Confirmation Students — 1st Exam – Reminder: all Confirmation students will have their first exam with Father on Saturday, December 10th.  If you did not receive a reminder about this, contact Meghan Walters at

 Sunday Rosary Schedule – Each Sunday, we offer a five mystery Rosary before both Masses on Sunday as well as a 10 mystery Rosary following the 10:00AM Mass.

Parish Registration Forms – If you are not a registered member of Mater Dei and would like to become one, registration forms are located in the church entrance, or on our website.  Being registered makes one a more full recipient of the graces of the Masses (such as the “Pro Populo” Mass which is offered for the community members each Sunday) and prayers offered by the priests every day.  Also remember that the chaplain and assistant chaplain have the grace of state to guide in particular those who are their parishioners.

Adult Convert Class—No Class – There will not be class this Tuesday evening, November 22nd.  Classes will be held on all other Tuesday evenings from now until Christmas.

Holy Name Society — New Members – Men who are interested in joining the Holy Name Society can do so on November 27th after the 8AM & 10AM Masses.  Members of the HNS will be in the back of church for registration and to answer any questions.

 Christmas Cards Novena of Masses – Christmas cards are now available in the back of the church to send to family and friends who you would like to have remembered at the Novena of Masses at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary from December 17th—25th.  Please send the form in the enclosed envelope to the FSSP District House in Scranton.  Proceeds benefit the formation of good holy priests.

November Schedule Notes – As Father will be away this week, please note the following schedule changes.

  • Nov. 23rd—Mass at 7:10AM (No evening Mass)
  • Nov. 24th—No Mass
  • Nov. 25th—No Mass or Adoration
  • Nov. 26th—No Mass or Adoration

 Accepting Mass Intentions – We are now accepting Mass Intentions for 2017.  Mass offering envelopes can be found on the cabinet in the vestibule.  Note: for any Mass stipend received which is over $10, the excess amount is placed in the general fund.

 Pilgrimage to Ottawa Catholic Shrines – Fr. Erik Deprey, FSSP, Pastor, St. Clements Parish, Ottawa, invites you to join him on a pilgrimage to the Canadian Catholic Shrines in Ontario and Quebec from May 6-16, 2017.  These include Mt. Carmel Shrine, Niagara, Canadian Martyrs Shrine, Midland, Notre Dame Basilicas in Montreal and Quebec City, Oratory of St. Joseph (St. Andre), and Cap de Madeleine.  We will also take part in the National March for Life on Parliament Hill.  For more information go to our website Orbis Catholicus Travel at or contact Susan Kotnik at or call 604-465-6911.

Stay Home if Sick – If you are sick and contagious, it is not necessary to come to Mass.  In such instances, it is an act of charity toward your fellow parishioners, especially those more susceptible to illness, to remain at home.

Speaking Inside Church – Please refrain from speaking inside of Church except if  it is unavoidable.  If you need to speak with someone, go out to the vestibule (entrance) before speaking.  Also remember that noise in the vestibule carries inside the church and is easily heard.  So please use a hushed tone so as not to distract those within the church.