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Weekly Announcements

January 10, 2016

Coffee and Donuts – All are invited to the Social Hall today after the 10:00AM Masses for coffee and donuts.  Access through door via the side alley.

Christmas Flowers – Christmas flower offering envelopes to help defray the cost of Christmas Flowers are included in your offering envelopes.  Your generosity is appreciated.

FSSP Database – The District House has asked each FSSP apostolate to forward them their database of members so as to assist them in reaching the faithful.  Please be assured that the FSSP does not and will not share this information with any other groups.  We do not “rent” our list to anyone.  We will send them our members list at the end of January.  Therefore, if you would like to be excluded from this list, please contact us at the office before the end of January and we will not include your information.

Blessing of Epiphany Chalk – Chalk is traditionally blessed on Epiphany for the faithful to take home and use to bless their homes.  The top of the door frames entering the house are marked with “20 + C + M + B + 16”.  The letters “C” “M” and “B” are the initials of the three kings, Casper, Melchior and Balthazar, who arrived at Bethlehem to worship the baby Jesus on Epiphany.  The crosses are placed between the letters and the numbers to remind us of the suffering that Jesus was to undergo for us.  Finally, the “20” and “16” are for the 2016 years since the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Traditionally, the marking is left on the door frame until the next year when it is replaced by another year’s blessing. While chalk from previous years can be reused, new chalk blessed on the feast of the Epiphany is available in the back of the Church.

Epiphany Water – The Epiphany Water which was blessed last Tuesday is available in a container in front of the St. Joseph’s altar and in the normal Holy Water font near the Baptistry.  The exorcisms used for this water are unique to this Epiphany Blessing, and make it a very powerful sacramental against the attacks of Satan.  We ask that our Heavenly Father that “wherever it is sprinkled in Thy name, may devilish infection cease, venomous terror be driven afar.  But let the presence of the Holy Spirit be always with us as we implore Thy Mercy.”

Youth Group – Our next Youth Group event, is January 16, 2016 at 6:00pm.  This month’s meeting will be a game night.  The youth group is open to all young people ages 13 through 18.  For more information contact us at

Thank You – Thanks to all the volunteers who cleaned, decorated and beautified the chapel for Christmas.  May God Bless you for your help.

2015 IRS Tax Letter – If you would like a 2015 tax letter please contact the office and we will mail you one by the end of January.

New Parish Website – We have a new parish website: which was launched a few weeks ago.  It was very generously built specifically for and given to us by a professional web designer.  We plan for it to become an integral part of our weekly communications to you, so please become familiar with the site’s layout and features.