Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

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Weekly Announcements

September 4, 2016

Coffee and Donuts – All guests from other parishes are welcome to join us after the 10AM Mass for coffee and donuts.

Bishop Gainer—December Visit – Save the date: Bishop Gainer will be visiting Mater Dei on December 3rd to join us for our 1st Saturday devotions of the 8AM Holy Hour and in offering our 9AM Mass in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Friday Evening Mass Schedule – Because the Friday academic program offered for children will no longer be in the afternoon, we are considering adjusting our Friday evening schedule as follows:

Current Schedule:

  • 5:30: Low Mass
  • 6:15: Holy Hour

Proposed Schedule:

  • 5:30: Holy Hour
  • 6:30: Low Mass

If you do or would plan to attend Mass and/or Adoration on Friday evening’s please let us know whether you prefer the current schedule or the proposed schedule, by emailing or calling the office.

St. Tarcisius Meeting – Our next St. Tarcisius Meeting is next Saturday, September 10th at 5:00pm.  The group is for children ages 5 – 12 and meets monthly in order to train the children to meditate.  Each meeting includes a short, priest led meditation, the rosary, and a potluck dinner.  If you have young children, please join us!  For details contact

FSSP 2017 Calendars – The 2017 FSSP Calendars will be made available soon.  Last year we ran out of Calendars.  To ensure that we have enough this year, if you would like to purchase multiple calendars please contact the office and let us know how many you would like.  These calendars, at $15 each, make a good gift, and each one purchased through Mater Dei will directly benefit our Community.

Confessions—Only One Priest on Sundays – With only one priest at Mater Dei until next summer, the availability of  Confessions on Sundays will be notably reduced.  Normally Father will hear Confessions until 10 minutes prior to each Mass.  Therefore, take advantage of the confession opportunities throughout the week. Confessions are available prior to Mass every day of the week and by appointment.

Fall 2016 Children’s Academic Program – Friday morning classes will be offered from 8:20AM – 9:10AM beginning September 16.  Church History will be taught by Fr. Eichman for ages 12 thru high school.  A Lives of the Saints class will be taught by parental volunteers for ages 7-11.  Registration forms are currently in the back of church.  These can be mailed to the church office or handed in at the registration table  after Mass today.

Adult Convert Class – On Tuesday, September 20, we are beginning our Convert / Adult Confirmation class taught by Fr. Eichman.  This class will be held Tuesday evenings at 7pm in a classroom behind the Church.  The class will run approximately 90 minutes, is designed to cover the basic teachings of the Church, and will use the Third Baltimore Catechism.  While designed for those entering the Church and adults preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, this class is open to all.

Catechism Registration – Registration for children’s catechism is currently underway.  This year, we will offer four classes: 1st Communion, Post-Communion, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, & Confirmation (Year II).  Classes will be on Sundays from 9:10AM—9:45AM beginning September 18th.  If you have a child who you would like to enroll, but are not registered members of Mater Dei, please contact Fr. Eichman.  The cost is $45 for the first child and $20 for any additional.  Placement is reserved upon receipt of payment.

2017 Confirmation Ceremony – Bishop Gainer will be conferring the sacrament of Confirmation on those currently preparing for this sacrament on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 11:00am.  Those with children who are not enrolled in our Confirmation Class should contact the parish office for verification that they are on track to complete all requirements and also to be placed on our confirmandi contact list.

Mass Intentions – On account of the large number of Mass intentions currently scheduled, we will not take any new intentions until later this fall.  When we begin taking intentions again, an announcement will be placed in the bulletin.

Office Telephone # – Since we do not have a full time secretary and our staff has been temporarily reduced, please understand that your call will usually go to voicemail.  If you leave a message, it will reach us in the office and, when necessary, we will return your call as soon as we are able. Your patience is appreciated.