Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

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Weekly Announcements

July 3, 2016

Coffee and Donuts – All are welcome to join us after the 8AM & 10AM Masses for coffee and donuts.  Enter via the alley door .

July 4th – Mass Schedule – On Monday, July 4th, Mass will be at 9:00AM.  In addition, there will be a Holy Hour of Simple Adoration from 8:00 – 9:00AM.  There will be no 7:10A.M. Mass.

Children Chant Opportunity – From August 1 – 5 there will be an opportunity for children to learn to sing Gregorian Chant and other Sacred Music.  The weeklong event will be lead by Jonathan Kadar-Kallen.  Following this week of preparation, the children will sing for the transferred feast of Saint Lawrence on the following Sunday at a Solemn High Mass offered by Fr. Sagutto FSSP.   Details and registration forms are available in the back of Church.

Rosary after 10AM Mass – Beginning today, July 3, a Rosary will be offered approximately 10 minutes after the 10am Mass has finished.  Depending on popularity this Rosary may or may not continue after the month of July.

Friday Evening Mass Time – Please note that the Friday evening Mass & Adoration schedule will be altered this Friday, July 8th.

  • July 8th – 7:00pm Mass.  No Adoration.

All other Fridays will follow the regular schedule of 5:30pm Mass followed by Adoration until 7:15pm.

Children Co-op Classes – As we did last year, Mater Dei will again offer Friday afternoon classes and continue the Chorister Program for children.  The first class day will be September 9th.  Registration for these will be on July 24th.  Please contact Fr. Eichman with any questions.

Baby Bottle Fundraiser – We are in the midst of a fundraiser for Undefeated Courage, a local Pro-Life group.  Place returned bottles on the small table beside the piano in the back of church.

Young Adult Group – Sunday Brunch – The Young Adult Group will be meeting for brunch  at a nearby restaurant following the 10AM Mass on Sunday, July 10.  For details and to RSVP contact Brittany Stewart at

Rosary for the Unborn – Following 8am Adoration and 9am Mass on Saturday,  July 16, you are invited to pray the Rosary in front of Hillcrest abortuary, 2709 N. Front St; Harrisburg, Pa.  Our Priest will lead us in prayer.  We will be praying once every month, on the 3rd Saturday, for the protection of the unborn.  Please join us and pray, united with our Lady.  Contact:

St. Tarcisius – No July Meeting – The St. Tarcisius Group will not meet for the month of July.  The next meeting will be on August 6th.

Youth Group – No July Meeting – The next Youth Group meeting will be Saturday, August 20.  There will be no July meeting.

Please Dress Modestly – As we enter the warmer months of the year, it is a good time for a reminder on modest attire.  While at the church, please dress modestly.  For both men and women:

  • Pants and skirts are long enough that the knees are covered when sitting.
  • The shoulders are covered.
  • No plunging necklines.
  • Clothing is not tight. Clothing is to conceal, not reveal.

These are the rules for dressing at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Please follow them when at St. Lawrence.  Remember that we dress at church not for our own comfort, but to present ourselves to Our Lord.

Finally: Please do not correct anyone on their attire.  If you do not approve of someone’s attire, please speak to a priest about it and he will approach the person if necessary.

We Must Begin By Purifying the Soul

The angels upon Jacob’s ladder had wings, yet they flew not, but ascended and descended in order from one step to another.  The soul that rises from sin to devotion may be compared to the dawning of the day, which at its approach does not expel the darkness instantaneously, but gradually.

The cure, says the medical aphorism, which is made leisurely, is always the most perfect.  The diseases of the heart as well as those of the body come posting on horseback, but depart leisurely on foot.  Courage and patience then are necessary in this enterprise.  Alas! How much are those souls to be pitied, who, perceiving themselves subject to many imperfections after having for a while exercised themselves in devotion, begin to be dissatisfied, troubled and discouraged, and let their hearts be almost overcome with the temptation of forsaking all, and turning back to their former course of life.

But, on the other hand, are not those souls also in extreme danger, who, by a contrary temptation, believe themselves quite purified from their imperfections the first day of their purgation, who think themselves perfect, though as yet scarcely formed and presume to fly without wings?  In what danger are they of relapsing, being so soon out of the physician’s hands!

St. Francis de Sales – Introduction to a Devout Life