Easter Sunday

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Weekly Announcements

March 27, 2016

Visiting Seminarian – Many thanks to Joel Chute for his assistance during Holy Week.  His help in adding to the solemnity of this sacred season was very much appreciated.  Mr. Chute is currently studying at the FSSP seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Please keep him in your prayers as he continues his formation.

Youth Group – Jeopardy Night – Our Youth Group will meet in the Parish Hall at St. Lawrence on Saturday, April 16th, 6PM – 9PM.  The Youth Group is open to young people ages 13 – 18.  For more information contact us at youthgroup@materdeipa.com

St. Tarcisius Meeting – Our next St. Tarcisius Meeting is Saturday, April 2nd at 5:00pm.  The group is for children ages 5 – 12 and meets monthly in order to teach the children to meditate.  Each meeting includes a short, priest led meditation, the rosary, and a potluck dinner.  Meetings are the 1st Saturday of the month from 5-7pm.  For information concerning our March meeting please contact us at SaintTarcisiusGroup@MaterDeiPA.com

Thank You – Thanks to all the volunteers who cleaned, decorated and beautified the chapel for Easter and also to the choir for their dedicated work for the glory of God. May God reward you.

Food for the Needy – The Holy Name Society collects non-perishable food for the Silence of Mary Homes, who then distribute this food to the needy in Harrisburg.  To contribute, please add your gift of food in the straw basket located behind the last pew.  Thank you!

Easter Duty – Every Catholic has the obligation to receive Communion at least once per year during Eastertide, which continues through Trinity Sunday.  In addition every Catholic is required to go to confession at least once per year.  Confessions are heard before each Mass.

Sunday Movie Fundraiser – To kick off Jackson Rainey’s Trail Life project, (Renovating the Library room) he is organizing a Sunday Movie Fundraiser and information session. The movie, The 13th Day, will be shown on April 10th after both the 8AM & 10AM Masses in the Knights of Columbus classroom. The 13th Day is the story of the three children in Fatima, Portugal who were chosen by God to offer a message world in 1917.

Admission is free, but donations to the project will be greatly appreciated.  Pretzel sandwiches will also be sold in the social hall following 10:00 Mass as a lunch option or for anyone who would like to purchase them.  Orders for the sandwiches will be taken following the Masses on Sunday April 3rd.

Annual Lenten Appeal – The Bishop’s Annual Lenten Appeal is underway. If you have not yet done so, please fill out a pledge card and place it in the collection basket or mail it to the office. Our diocesan assessment this year is $10,000.  So far we have $9,070.  Any excess funds will remain with Mater Dei.

Young Adult Group – Our next Young Adult event (ages 19—35) is Saturday April 9th.  We will have a bonfire at 6pm.  The evening will include a talk by Fr. Flick, the Rosary and plenty of time to eat and socialize.  For more information and to be added to our contact list please contact us at Contact@MaterDeiPA.com

Parish Registration Forms – If you are not a registered member of Mater Dei and would like to become one, registration forms are located in the church entrance, or on our website.  Being registered makes one a more full recipient of the graces of the Masses (such as the “Pro Populo” Mass which is offered for the community members each Sunday) and prayers offered by the priests every day.  Also remember that the chaplain and assistant chaplain have the grace of state to guide in particular those who are their parishioners.

Parking – Weekends and Evenings – We have been given permission to park behind the office buildings located across the street from St. Lawrence on evenings and weekends.  The entrance to these parking spaces is by way of Academy Alley, which is located directly behind these houses, and is the first alley after passing State Street.  Please report any incident that might cause the owners concern, as we do not want to jeopardize the parking hospitality given to us from these generous property owners.

Note: The parking lot along the side of St. Lawrence (across from the side entrance) is not to be used.