2nd Sunday after Easter

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Weekly Announcements

April 10, 2016

Coffee and Donuts – If you are visiting from another parish you are welcome to join us after the 10:00AM Mass for coffee and donuts.  Access via the door on the side alley.

Easter Duty – Every Catholic has the obligation to receive Communion at least once per year during Eastertide, which continues through Trinity Sunday.  In addition every Catholic is required to go to confession at least once per year.  Confessions are heard before each Mass.

Youth Group – Jeopardy Night – Our Youth Group will meet in the Parish Hall at St. Lawrence on Saturday, April 16th, 6PM – 9PM.  The Youth Group is open to young people ages 13 – 18.  For more information contact us at youthgroup@materdeipa.com

Adoration – Friday & Saturday – Reminder: We now have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Friday evening 6:15 – 7:15pm, and Saturday morning 8:00 – 9:00am.

Sunday Movie Fundraiser – To kick off Jackson Rainey’s Trail Life Freedom Project, (Renovating the Library) he is having a Sunday Movie Fundraiser and information session after both Masses today. The movie, The 13th Day, will be shown in the Knights of Columbus classroom. The 13th Day is the story of the three children in Fatima, Portugal.

Admission is free, but donations to the project will be greatly appreciated.  Pretzel sandwiches will also be sold in the social hall following 10:00 Mass as a lunch option or for anyone who would like to purchase them.

Mother’s Day Novena – In a few weeks we will have Mother’s Day Mass novena cards in the back of church.  You will be able to fill out a card and place it in the collection basket with your intentions.  Then, beginning on Mother’s Day, May 8, we will offer a novena of Masses for these intentions.

The Devout Soul Ought with the Whole Heart to Yearn After Union with Christ – Who shall grant unto me, O Lord, that I may find Thee alone, and open all my heart unto Thee, and enjoy Thee as much as my soul desireth; and that no man may henceforth look upon me, nor any creature move me or have respect unto me, but Thou alone speak unto me and I unto Thee, even as beloved is wont to speak unto beloved, and friend to feast with friend? For this do I pray, this do I long for, that I may be wholly united unto Thee, and may withdraw my heart from all created things, and by means of Holy Communion and frequent celebration may learn more and more to relish heavenly and eternal things. Ah, Lord God, when shall I be entirely united and lost in Thee, and altogether forgetful of myself? Thou in me, and I in Thee; even so grant that we may in like manner continue together in one.

Verily Thou art my Beloved, the choicest among ten thousand, in whom my soul delighteth to dwell all the days of her life. Verily Thou art my Peacemaker, in Whom is perfect peace and true rest, apart from Whom is labour and sorrow and infinite misery. Verily Thou art a God that hidest Thyself, and Thy counsel is not with the wicked, but Thy Word is with the humble and the simple. O how sweet, O Lord, is Thy spirit, who that Thou mightest manifest Thy sweetness towards Thy children, dost vouchsafe to refresh them with the bread which is full of sweetness, which cometh down from heaven. Verily there is no other nation so great, which hath its gods drawing nigh to them, as Thou, our God, art present unto all Thy faithful ones, unto whom for their daily solace, and for lifting up their heart unto heaven, Thou givest Thyself for their food and delight.

For what other nation is there so renowned as the Christian people? Or what creature is so beloved under heaven as the devout soul to which God entereth in, that he may feed it with His glorious flesh? O unspeakable grace! O wonderful condescension! O immeasurable love specially bestowed upon men! But what reward shall I give unto the Lord for this grace, for charity so mighty? There is nothing which I am able to present more acceptable than to give my heart altogether unto God, and to join it inwardly to Him. Then all my inward parts shall rejoice, when my soul shall be perfectly united unto God.

Then shall He say unto me, “If thou wilt be with Me, I will be with thee.” And I will answer Him, “Vouchsafe, O Lord, to abide with me, I will gladly be with Thee; this is my whole desire, even that my heart be united unto Thee.”

Imitation of Christ, Bk 3, Chapter 13